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PartnersAlpen Group is a Switzerland-based Cannabis Company

There are currently three companies in the Alpen Group’s corporate family, leveraging and giving rise to a fully integrated supply chain.

The Alpen group is our pharma branch and partner, a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry with a portfolio composed of a wide range of product lines, with over 150 SKU. For almost 4 decades now, it has set itself as an industry captain in the development and manufacture of prescription and Over-The-Counter pharmaceutics.

The Alpen group is our cultivation branch and partner, a revered Swiss cultivator for over xx years with xx of cultivated footprint located in Thalwil, Zurich.

The Alpen group is our retail branches and partners, including a very successful US company specializing in all-things hemp. A very serious market-share contender with a tremendous head-start in the industry. It specializes in retail through XX retail locations across America boasting a high customer engagement and loyalty . And within the scope of our partnerships will leverage our European advantage in its conquest of the EU market. Yes, we are already IN the market!

Partnerships are easy, finding conscientious partnerships is a different question altogether, a partnership that lays way for opportunity and methodical success. We're always keen to pursue strategic opportunities with organizations in Switzerland and internationally.