Armoured catfish Sundaland noodlefish crappie powen, squawfish crocodile icefish sleeper shark.


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Our board of directors forms a stout foundation for the group, strives for strong growth and to capitalize on the breadth of combinations enabled by our business’ structure.

Our leadership team is comprised of chevroned medical industry professionals in various fields, leveraging know-how in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceuticals, pharma R&D, Drug Delivery Systems, medical patents, marketing, cultivation, extraction and so much more.
From science to business to medicine, as a well-oiled gear unit, Alpen’s team’s intra-complementary knowledge-base and extensive experience of Swiss, German, pan-European, and American quality requirements was acquired over decades of management, executive work, successful venture launches, large-scale projects, and much more.

Meet us, and in the process, we will have both made a friend!