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GeneticsTruly exclusive genetics

The seed is where it all starts, where unflinching discrimination is paramount.  
Alpen Group has under its umbrella one of the most respected names in European breeding, Bio Zu Farm.

Bio Zu Farm is a Swiss seedbank known as the home of BZ1 hemp flower, a top cannabis strain, and among Europe’s favorites. Many swear by BZ1 & BZ2 – millions, in fact. BZ1 users resort to the Indica-dominant strain for its therapeutic properties, and its innocuousness and calming properties. Other highly touted strains developed by us include BZ2, BZQueen.

Our bank has developed a large repertoire of genetics that was meticulously selected and bred, resulting in cannabis varieties that’d make our plant’s ancestors proud and make us prouder!

The genetic properties encapsulated in our seeds and flowers can help you maximize the impact, and value of your cannabis business too. let the product do the talking for you. But first, let us have a talk

Through our journey, we didn’t focus our efforts solely in the exploration of the different effects of cannabis strains and their cannabinoid or terpenoid profiles; our research was comprehensive, giving us the knowledge needed to master the nuances in pedigree demonstrated by the genetic traits of the many varieties of cannabis strains. Seedbanks should fully support the selection of strains that adapt best to the particularities of the growing conditions, such as for cases where the grow operation is indoor, outdoor, or in greenhouses. This is extremely important at medium and large scale, because at larger scales, these traits play a crucial role in the success of any cannabis operation, and can be the decisive factor between a successful grow cycle, and a cycle wrought with snags that soon enough turns into financial sinkholes, potentially harming you and every stakeholder and actor along the operation.

You are professionals, and so are we, so we speak the same language when we say that every percent in mass yield or in active substance concentration must be taken advantage of.