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Who we areOur Story

We are Alpen Group. We’re born in the south of Switzerland, with the Swiss Alps just out our backdoors. We’re an experienced consortium of cannabis specialists ranging from a diverse mix of backgrounds. Our team boasts strong accolades in genetics, Pharma, consumer goods, production, and private equity.

The majesty of the Swiss Alps permeates everything we do. We treat every day as a new opportunity to push our craft and live our best lives, and we aspire to help our partners and customers to do the same. Our main goal is to create products and experiences that preserve the place where our passions play – the Earth.

Alpen is a passion greater than the sum of its parts. Our corporate story began with a 2021 merger of three companies. Alpen Group joins leading American cannabis retailer Plain Jane with Swiss cultivator Wegrow. The combined international partnership resulted in an end-to-end vertically integrated cannabis platform built from the best and brightest that each country has to offer.

Switzerland, Our Home…

Switzerland attracts more multinational headquarters than any other country in the world. The global consumer trust for “Swiss-made” brands and products creates a well-deserved reputation for quality, precision, integrity, health, and sustainability. Alpen Group builds upon these proud Swiss concepts, bringing them full-circle in the global cannabis industry.

Alpen Group features sophisticated branded products and infrastructure unparalleled in Europe. Imbued with Swiss excellence and global experience, we strive to deliver the best cannabis experiences across the globe. As Europe’s cannabis landscape grows into full legalization, Alpen Group stands as a leading European global player.


We’re a consortium of global superstars specializing in cannabis, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and private equity. We leverage our experience and connections to form the best strategic partnerships in the industry.