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Alpen GroupManufacturing

We have formed a full cannabis cultivation and production chain that strategically exploits all material that this prodigious plant has to offer.

We operate large cultivation projects in Europe and North America, this enables us to be a self-sufficient cannabis cultivator and processor. But most importantly, this enables us to have absolute control over the entire chain of supply, from seed, to end product, to distribution.

Our cultivation facilities are among the world’s best; our extraction technology is the best. 

It is strategically very important for a pharma-grade cannabis company to efficiently isolate and make use of all the present psychoactive ingredients in cannabis, this is very crucial in order to face the new wave of demand. Current demand as it stands, and increasingly so, calls for highly reliable substances produced at an industrial scale, and substances that offer greater value for businesses that don’t cultivate their own raw material for instance. This is one of the segments where our manufacturing facilities are at the forefront of what Swiss tech-has to offer.

Our Manufacturing Expertise