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We are legal cannabis cultivators and producers in Switzerland and Canada.

The Alpen group operates over 30,000 sq. ft of indoor facilities in Switzerland. Yet, this figure pales when taking into account our Canadian facilities which span over 100 acres. Within Europe, our cultivated footprint will be further broadened by subsequent expansion of facilities to benefit from strategically located points.

Our facilities are GACP certified, and we adhere to strict practice standards, then, add some of our own, it’s an Alpen thing.

When purchasing products by us and our partners, you have the absolute certainty of having the highest order of quality in your hands, our plants are consistantly tested to ensure that they do not contain foreign materials, pesticides, pathogenic microorganisms, mycotoxins, or heavy Metals. It’s our priority that the only matter in your cannabis – and extracts –  is the plant itself, no more.

We put our manufacturing experience at our clients’ service, literally.

Our experts will be glad to help you set yourself with: