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ExtractionExtraction, a boon for the producer space.

Our extractions and extraction services at Alpen are a gauge traceability and transparency. Our lines of extracts may be finished to broad to spectrum distillates, organic isolates.

The ever-impending shelf-life biomass supply, combined with a lack of efficient processing solutions, have created high demand for third-party cannabis extractors.

Processing, extraction, filling, storing, distribution; all elements predicated on a robust vertical integration. Which in turn, is predicated on the necessity for self-sufficient and all-inclusive facilities. In order to meet surging demand, we have developed truly world-class extraction facilities, visit us, and see for yourself.

Simply put; we’ve tried all existing extraction methods available, after millions of dollars of investment and experimenting; We know today that because of its effective and sustainable way of yielding scientifically advanced cannabinoids, cryogenic ethanol and thin-film distillation is the way to go. It just IS the most efficient approach.

And Just like our cannabis cultivation, our extracts are pedantically tested so as to you leave you with the peace of mind that they are free of pesticides, microorganisms, such as bacteria and molds. But also tested to confirm that solvents used during the extraction process are eliminated from the final product. Our labs & equipment are mind bogglingly sophisticated.

Third parties are welcome to arrange delivery of their biomass to our extraction labs. Where we’ll extract the cannabis actives and return the extract to you. Or even have pharma take it from there, by delivering your extracts as end product.