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Robust Cannabis InfrastructureSwiss Made

Alpen’s facilities give us everything we need to bring our brands to life. Alpen Group is building an end-to-end production chain for the global cannabis industry. Our world-class platform enables us to launch and scale cannabis brands, and supply the European and global markets on an industrial scale.

Genetics & MicropropagationBio Zu Farm Genetics

The best cannabis starts with the best genetics. Alpen’s in-house geneticists deliver super-varieties designed for yields and rich cannabinoid profiles. Alpen-owned Bio Zu Farm has been developing cannabis genetics for a quarter of a century. Widely regarded as a leader in Europe, Bio Zu Farm develops varieties for medical and recreational use, and has developed Alpen-licensed strains such as BZ1, BZ2, and BZqueen, which are grown widely throughout Europe and enjoyed globally. In addition to world-class varieties, Bio Zu Farms has also created functional and scalable growing models and varied growing environments throughout Europe.

In-House Micropropagation

Our Swiss Indoor Facility is home to our Genetic Development Program and additional Research & Development initiatives. Alpen products exemplify innovation and quality. That’s the core reason why we hand-picked our unique cannabis strains for our exclusive genetics bank; and to always be inventing something new. Our cultivation starts with the selection of only the highest quality genetic stock to ensure the most consistent, uniform, robust plants. This offers a unique set of traits and characteristics from aesthetics, flavor and aroma allowing us to use quality and new genetic offerings to separate from competitors.

GACP CultivationWeGrow

We currently operate a 30,000 sq ft + GACP indoor grow facility, and are developing an additional facility for organic production to support the growing local Swiss recreational market. Alpen leverages our Swiss propagation facility to research, develop, and produce the most ideal strains at desired volumes and unmatched quality, serving a growing market with consistent, reliable products year-round.

Decades of Expertise

Alpen is lucky to have some of Europe’s most experienced cannabis growers on our team. With decades of experience, their acumen is behind every product we develop. Love, respect, and understanding of the cannabis plant is fundamental to our ability to innovate the most modern indoor growing science – putting our Alpen growers in a class of their own. Merging art with science, we combine the deep knowledge of our growers with a refined, data-driven approach, so we can continue to redefine what is possible.

Technology & Compliance

We invest in technology by prioritizing real-time data collection, rigorous testing, and adaptable design at our facilities. Our internal traceability process monitors every step of production, ensuring the highest possible quality while adhering to the strictest levels of compliance and safety. With a Swiss compliance software program aligned with the Switzerland recreational pilot program, we trace, secure, and simplify transactions along our entire end-to-end platform. The data we collect guides our best-practice cultivation strategies geared towards achieving consistent, uniform production at each step in the process.

Standardization. Attention to Detail.

We standardize our operational practices using detailed documentation, robust employee training, and best-practice strategies to ensure the continuous production of quality flower. To produce top-tier flower, attention to detail is the key. We cultivate a multitude of genetically unique cultivars to make sure that we create top-tier flower while maintaining efficient operations. Our crops are nurtured to receive individual care while maximizing quality and yield. This includes environmental preferences, specialized irrigation, and fertigation recipes. Each plant is grown in a tailored, stress-free environment designed to meet the individual needs of each cultivar.


Alpen Labs is our state-of-the-art EU-GMP Swiss Pharma extraction company, located within Alpex Pharma S.A., for processing, cannabis extraction, production of active cannabinoid ingredients, and formulation of bespoke product development. Our in-house formulation team develops custom formulas across a wide variety of cannabis products to meet desired taste and effect. We produce premium extracts for use in our products by leveraging premium-quality cannabis and the latest extraction technology, offering patients and consumers a diverse product portfolio including oil, vape, and edible products.

Product Consistency

Our products are formulated and tested to ensure that each dose has a standardized amount of cannabinoids for consistent product delivery and experience. Our consistent, shelf-stable ingredients are extremely effective in a wide variety of CPG applications.

Full Traceability

We ensure full traceability for every extract produced. Before leaving our facility, we check for potency, impurities, residual solvents, and appearance following standard protocols for all the pharma products produced in the facility.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We work with our own in-house cultivation facility and local Swiss farmers to ensure that our ingredients are the best possible quality – grown sustainably, with expertise and care. All biomass is analyzed for cannabinoid content, heavy metals, pesticides and microbiomes to ensure our products are certified and potent before they even enter our facility

Pharma-Grade Product

Each product is unique and needs a customized commercialization plan to ensure its full market potential, and is standardized according to pharmaceutical standards with a defined active ingredient composition. Every stage of the manufacturing process is GMP-certified to ensure consistency in active ingredients. Our products are independently tested for desired properties by a specialized laboratory.

Pharma-Grade Storage

Our FDA-approved, Swiss Medic, EU-GMP Pharma warehouse provides storage of all our required inputs, controlled substances and finished product, and serves as the hub for our global logistics. The 1,200 pallets capacity facility is located five minutes from our core manufacturing center, with standard state-of-the-art humidity control, moisture protection, and high security.