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We are Embedded in the pharma sector as an early pioneer in the development and patenting of the delivery technologies used in the administration of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients, or API.

Research & scientific development are an indivisible stratum of who we are. The Alpen Group is beneficiary of 36 years of deeply rooted expertise in successful pharmaceutical and nutraceutical development and manufacture.

Cannabis has been used heuristically for its medicinal properties for millennia. And from a scientific standpoint, research demonstrates that cannabis can successfully treat and relieve the symptoms of a wide range of health problems such as chronic pain, sclerosis-induced spasticity, chemotherapy-induced nausea, emesis, as well as epilepsy.

Concurrently, the capabilities of cannabis-based medicines are far from being fully explored; as in addition to THC and CBD, the effects of other cannabinoids ­– and even terpenes – are of great interest and potential too. Alpen Group’s multi-million-dollar research and development spending contributes to further develop
the utility of cannabis-based medicines for the well-being of patients suffering from a multitude of conditions and symptoms.

The perpetual improvement and development of our products helps doctors and patients to access optimal therapy with cannabis. We continue to tightly work with regulators, scientific experts and technicians daily to guarantee that our operations and products exceed the highest quality and safety standards expected.